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We enjoy doing all things landscaping! You envision it, we create it. We also strive to be environmentally friendly and we love the idea of helping people grow, maintain and harvest from their own personal gardens. We don’t just help with external plantings!! We love all houseplant babies too! Have you always wanted plants but have no idea where to start? What about that plant that your grandmother used to have? Would having one of your own be a treasured keepsake?! We’d love to help you figure out how to bring nature indoors. Contact us! Let’s chat about making planting fun and as low maintenance as you want it to be!

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Indoor plant fun!
Indoor plant fun!

We get it! Sometimes the flowers and plant look gorgeous in the store but once they come home, you’re at a lost. I don’t believe that any one has a (black) thumb, rather they just need guidance obtaining plants that suit them! We will help you determine where in your home the plant would flourish! Should it be placed in an East facing window? A north facing window? Does it need indirect light or would it do better in bright light? Not sure how much to water? How often? What about those pesky gnats? We have solutions for it all! Let us help you! We really do get a kick out of it!

Grown Your Own Garden!
Grown Your Own Garden!

Want a garden but not sure where to start or how to manage it? Would you like to pick your own cut flowers? Maybe try companion planting? Fruits? Vegetables? Herbs? You think it, we design it! We plant with Texas’s environment in mind! This gives our plants a better chance of survival and it gives an opportunity for an abundant harvest! We’re Ready When You Are!

Landscaping Renovations!
Landscaping Renovations!

We get it! It’s hard to envision to possibilities. Should I get a pool? Do I want a pergola? Will it make my space look crowded? What about that play space that the kids have outgrown? Do you want a beautiful outdoor space but afraid the dogs might have a little too much fun back there? Let us help you determine the possibilities!! We’ll come to you for an on-site consultation! There, we’ll let you, your partner, your kids, even your dog/cat tell us what you want! After! We design a space unique to your family, create an itemized proposal and get to digging! We’re excited to create an outdoor space that you’ll love!!! We’re excited to have your family enjoy the mental, physical and emotional benefits that come with spending time in nature!


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Chelsie Celestine


by Chelsie Celestine

$138 - $250000

Landscape Renovations/Garden Design/Maintenance/Indoor Plant Guidance & Care

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Houston, TX

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